iMatter March!


WHO: You. Your brother. Your granny. Your biology teacher. Dr. James Hansen. Kids in China. Kids in Brazil. Football players. Hippies. Hipsters. Geeks. The person writing this sentence. And about a million others.

WHAT: Marches, organized by passionate young people (you) and those who love them (you). More than a million people marching in the streets, committing to live as if our future matters, and reminding the ruling generation that they have a responsibility to lead as if our future matters.

WHEN: May 8, 2011. Mother’s Day. Mother Earth’s Day.

WHERE: In Washington DC, in every US state capitol, in big cities worldwide. In city squares and suburban parks. On freeways, at beaches, up mountains, through malls. From coal plants to wind farms. From schools to town halls.

WHY: Because every generation has an obligation – a moral, practical, even legal obligation – to pass a clean, stable, properly functioning planet to its children. Because we are those children, and because we love those children. Because the change this world needs is something we must actively seek. Because this is our revolution.

For more info about the march, check out


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  1. Can’t wait!

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