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If you’re reading this, I can’t help but assume that at the very least you’re curious about climate change. Maybe you’re a diehard veteran activist living a carbon neutral life. Or maybe you haven’t ever participated in a demonstration (or a march) before. It isn’t important how much prior experience you have, because we need everyone!

The threat posed by climate change is tremendous. We’ll have to change more than just light bulbs and the cars we drive; we have to change laws, ideas, and preconceived notions about what it means to be ‘green’.

No it won’t be easy.

But every day we hesitate and fail to act is a day lost, and the consequences grow continually more severe. We need action now. Not tomorrow but tonight. You’ve heard from plenty of people the impacts we’re already feeling from runaway climate change; melting ice, heat waves, more intense weather. You’ve heard of the catastrophe it’s wreaking on the developing world. You’ve heard how it’s disproportionally affecting low-income groups here in the U.S. You heard of the sea level rise, the species loss, the drought, famine, and millions of refugees. And as terrible as all that is, it isn’t why we need action.

As big as the climate catastrophe is, we don’t need decisive action for any of those reasons; ultimately, this is about the future, and the generations from who we’ve borrowed the earth. It’s about acknowledging that we have an undeniable responsibility to preserve the world for those yet unborn.

The future of our generation and those to follow are on the line, and we NEED our leaders to realize and uphold their responsibility to protect us from the catastrophic impacts of climate change. Because as bad as things are getting now, failing to change our course now—RIGHT NOW—will leave us, and those who come after us, to bear the real burden.

This issue is way too big to bicker about; this is a challenge the size of which humanity has never before encountered. Anyone (and everyone) who can act must do so, and that means you and me!

So round up your friends, your parents, your teachers, your cousin, your boss, your neighbors—even your dog!—and get ready to march! If there isn’t a march happening near you, organize your own! It’s time for our revolution, and we need EVERYONE to help make it happen!


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