The Cheese-Head Uprising

Hey all, I’m Alex, a high school senior in Boulder, Colorado and I’m thrilled to be a part of iMatter. For me, iMatter is a new breed of environmental campaign—one that isn’t satisfied with online petitionsor letters-to-the-editor. The iMatter Campaign demands on climate change be stopped, and refuses to back down.

Interestingly enough, this parallels what we’re seeing in Madison, Wisconsin, where public workersare protesting the attack on their right to collective bargaining by their state government, and have occupied the Capitol Building for more than a week and half.  Governor Scott Walker claims budgetary concerns are motivating the assault on union workers, but thepolice and firefighter unions (both of which donated to Walker’s campaign) are strangely exempt from the proposed legislation. Learn more about the situation here



There’s a lot of momentum and support for this kind of ‘direct action’, and solidarity rallies for the Wisconsin workers have been held across the country

And that’s a good thing. Getting droves of people to march in the streets is hard, as anyone who’s ever tried to organize a protest will tell you. Protests like those in Wisconsin occur when the status quo—whether it’s union busting or unmitigated climate change—becomes too much to bear; when politicians come too slowly to our defense—or not at all!  Sometimes people have to take action themselves to stop an injustice, whether it’s union-busting or climate change.


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