Why I March

Hi – This is Andrew, I am 24 and I work for iMatter. I wanted to take a quick second and tell you why I am marching.

I am marching because of this picture:

Thats me on the right, the hippy with the beard and crazy hair. The guy in the center is Congressmen Jim Costa. This was taken in Fresno, California during a demonstration in support of High Speed Rail. We were told that we would never get the support, that taxpayer’s in the conservative central valley would never want to build it. But they did.  About 8 months after this picture was taken, California voters decided that America’s first high speed rail line would start in the valley.

Rail is one of the most energy efficient forms of transportation, and we brought it to California in part because young people took to the streets and demanded it.

I march because I don’t like being ignored. I march because I want change. But most importantly, I march because I know it will make a difference.


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