Breaking the Silence

Global climate change is widely discussed in our culture, especially here in the eco-minded city of Boulder.  However, there always seems to be a key voice left out of these discussions – the voice of our younger generations.

The youth of today and generations to come will be the ones most affected by society’s decisions and actions concerning the environment, yet they remain silenced.  Silenced because people believe they are uninformed; silenced because people believe they are apathetic or because people believe they have nothing to contribute.  These false assumptions oppress the youth voice and perpetuate their disenfranchisement.  As the major stakeholders in the climate change discussion, youth need to be able to share their voice and show their power.

This spring, young people will show this power to the world. Meeting at capitol buildings and city squares, youth and their allies will unite together with such an unyielding power, it will be impossible to ignore.  This movement will be led by youth and for youth, creating an unstoppable revolution.  It will begin May 8th and culminate with the national march in Denver on May 14th.  Our future is at risk and this movement will demand that our leaders take action to preserve it.  The House of Representatives’ recent denial of carbon emissions regulation is inexcusable and we cannot let them jeopardize our health and the health of generations to come.  We must change the way our leaders think, and show them that environmental sustainability is the only moral option.


Tim Parrington


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