Have You Seen?

Have You Seen….

Have you seen GasLand? It’s this awesome documentary about the natural gas industry and hydraulic fracturing (a process used to speed oil & gas production). Check out the trailer below.

Long story short, Josh Fox (the writer/director) got a letter in the mail offering him $100,000 if he turned over his land to an oil & gas company for drilling. He looked into the dangers of the drilling practices known to contaminate water supplies, yet permitted by the federal government. The movie documents his investigation and the stories of the people he met.

The greatness of the film—which has won 5 awards to date—is due to its focus on the stories of the people who’ve been personally affected by the drilling and fracking.  Fox encounters numerous health horror stories; brain lesions, cancer, even flammable tap water!

In the big picture, this is just another example of big companies stepping on the little people; from coal companies in Appalachia to mining companies in Colorado, corporations have been putting profits above people and the Earth for too long! Just another reason we need a revolution…



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