Creative Fundraising Ideas

High school and college Environmental clubs are one of the best ways to educate young people about climate change and encourage them to lead more sustainable lifestyles. Yet sometimes it can be challenging to come up with progressive ideas for club events that are “green friendly” and that will get everyone involved.

If your club is looking for a way to raise funds (either for your own club or a non-profit), I have a wonderful solution. I recommend that you hold a benefit dinner, but not just an ordinary benefit dinner. Instead, cook an entire meal that uses locally grown ingredients (possibly from a community garden), and even invite student or local music artists to perform as entertainment. Proceeds from the event could then be donated to a cause of your choice.

If your looking for a simpler event, try organizing a school-wide, no-auto day where you encourage every student to not step foot in a car for the entire day, and instead use bikes, busses, and walk!

If you would prefer to arrange a long-term project, I suggest that you approach your administration about xeriscaping a portion of your school’s lawn. This will provide club members with a wonderful hands-on experience, reduce water usage, bring in an array of fascinating plants to your campus scenery, and offer a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to a water guzzling lawn.

I hope these suggestions serve your environmental club well with your future endeavors! Please comment if you have any other suggestions!




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  1. Even more immediate is to have people pledge to support you in a dollar amount for every step you walk in the iMatterMarch – All walkers/marchers could wear pedometers! In SLC we’re going to have folks creating people powered floats so there could be a good way to advertise your school club by creating a float – See this link for details:

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