Endangered Species

It should be pretty obvious that climate change and the plethora of other environmental issues that we’re going up against don’t just affect humans—there are numerous direct and indirect consequences of our actions on all forms of life on Earth.

In recent years, the list of endangered species has grown exponentially. The emerging decline in bee colonies is just one example of the numerous animal species that have been negatively affected by human actions. Increasing use of chemicals (systematic insecticides) in agriculture had proven to be toxic to bees and other key-pollinating insects around the globe. It wouldn’t seem like fewer bees would do anything bad for our planet, but we cannot forget what a bee’s job is: pollination! Without pollination, flowering plants cannot reproduce and therefore habitats are lost, energy is lost, food chains are dismantled, ecosystems break down…this list goes on and on.

iMatter is just not about us humans—we’re marching for all forms of life on Earth to ensure that those that cannot speak for themselves are represented when it comes to their livelihoods. It’s time that we stand up for all life that exists and prove that we matter!



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