35 Days

It’s almost hard to believe that 5 weeks from now, millions (ahem, MILLIONS!!!) of young peoplearound the world will be marching in the streets and standing up for their futures. But it’s really rightaround the corner; iMatter Marches will start on May 7th and continue for a week before culminating in Denver on May 14th. Seeing as the March is almost upon us, we at iMatter wanted to update y’all on what’s happening with the March.

There are over 30 Marches signed up in the U.S, and there are even Marches in South America,Africa, Asia and Europe! If you haven’t already signed up to march, check out this page to register. If there isn’t a March happening near you, it isn’t too late to organize one yourself!

Equally exciting are all the fantastic partner organizations that are working with iMatter! Everyone from the Sierra Club to Peace Jam, Mothers Acting Up to InconvenientYouth, and the Alliance for Climate Education to 350.org are supporting the March!

New developments take place daily, and it’s impossible to list everything here, so check the iMatterwebsite. http://imattermarch.org,  for all the details.
See you in the streets!


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