Don’t Be Trashy

People often ask me why littering is so bad. Sure, it doesn’t look great, and one piece of trash on the side of the road certainly makes it seem okay for others to let that pile get bigger, but what really happens when you make an animal’s home your landfill?


Take this beautiful red fox, for example, who was found tangled in twine while trying to jump over a fence, and left dangling for a whole night in 20 degree weather. When she was found, she was nearly dead from the cold.
Every year thousands of animals die from injuries or strangulation by trash. If the Greenwood team hadn’t found her, she would end up just another statistic.


She has since been released back into the wild in pristine health, but next time someone asks you about littering, be sure to let them know what’s up.

And just look at that face!



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