Taking it to Court

Everyone here at the iMatter Blog is excited about the upcoming iMatter March. We think it’s about time we took to the streets and made our voices and our stories heard. But we won’t just raise our voices in the streets; we’ll also raise them in the courts.

More than just demanding our leaders and governments to live as if our future matters, we’re filing suit to make sure they do. Lawsuits will be taking place in states across the country, and will coincide with some really cool upcoming campaigns.

The idea behind the lawsuits is that by allowing corporations to pollute our atmosphere, the government is failing to protect a public trust. A public trust is a resource which doesn’t belong to anyone (like water, and in most states and countries the government is required to protect public trusts. The atmosphere is one such trust, it belongs to all of us and we need our government to protect it!

You can help with this effort by signing on as a friend of the court [imattermarch.org/lawsuit]. Write a paragraph about how you are or will be affected by climate change and the lawyers will weave your story into the cases on behalf of youth.

Get involved and sign up to march at http://www.imattermarch.org!



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