High Gas Prices=Toned Legs?

The average price for gas around the country is $3.66 per gallon and rising. You may think of this as bad, but really the rising price of gasoline is in our earth’s best interest. And coincidently what is in our earth’s best interest happens to be in mankind’s best interest.

As gas prices rise, the number of people who choose to drive their cars every day decreases, which in turn reduces the amount of carbon we put into the air each day. Since these people are opting not to drive they instead use other means of transportation such as busses, light rail systems, bikes, and walking!

If more people decide not to drive because of high gas prices then our air will become cleaner, making walking and biking even more enjoyable. Public transportation ridership will also increase, which will in turn result in more frequent and convenient public transit options. So instead of filling up your car with that expensive gas, buy a monthly public transportation pass, break out your bike, or tone those legs and take a walk!





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