Calling All Youth!

As you may already know, throughout the country starting on May 7th there will be youth led iMatter marches to voice the urgency of the need for climate change to our government. But why is it called “iMatter”? Well the answer is because as a human being with a full life ahead of you, you matter.

Many people commonly think that youth don’t have any input on the decisions that our local, state, and national governments make (especially involving climate change). This is simply not true. March in May and you are giving yourself a chance to let your voice be heard. By marching you can demonstrate that, as a generation with the most time ahead of us to live, we don’t want to inherit a world that is un-inhabitable.

So check out the date for your local march ( and when your local march comes, get out there and show our government that your youthful, ambitious voice can’t be ignored. Tell your parents and grandparents and the other adults in your life that your future might be dependent on the decisions that they make today. Let’s show the world what a generation like ours can do. It’s our climate, our future, and our revolution!



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  1. And be sure to ask your parents and grandparents to march with you! Get multiple generations involved in the climate change movement.

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