No Auto April!

Hello, my name is Nathan, I am a high school senior in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the month of April I pledged to not step foot in a car for the entire month (as a passenger or a driver)! The goal of this was to raise awareness about how viable alternative means of transportation are, such as walking, biking, busses, and our local light rail system (TRAX).
I also asked friends and family to pledge money to my cause, and all donations will go to purchasing wind energy offset at the University of Utah’s wind energy program which replaces coal powered energy in our grid with wind powered energy. So far the month has been a huge success! I purchased a local public transportation pass (only $75) and have been riding my bike to and from school every day! My friends and family have pledged a total of over $1,600 as of right now! In coordination with Earth Day I also asked everyone to not step foot in a car for that 1 single day! I hope my story will encourage you to think before you get in your car next time and inspire you to drive less!



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